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Charity Match
This year the Stuart Finals Day on June 28 will have a charity element to it and will be in aid of the Diabetes UK Fylde Coast Childrens Support Group.

This page will let you know what events are planned for the day and give you information on how you can get involved if you would like to volunteer.
A message from the charity:

We are a new charity, set up with the intention of supporting children with diabetes and their families. Type 1 Diabetes is a lifelong incurable condition. Many children are affected and the impact of this condition is very serious. All the children require constant monitoring of their blood sugar levels and regular daily injections, for some that means four times a day! At the moment our diabetic children are also suffering from the very negative messages being put out in the media. Unlike type 2 Diabetes, type 1 can not be brought on by an unhealthy lifestyle or obesity, but very rarely is the difference acknowledged. The intention of the charity is to provide a supportive network for the families and more importantly to give these brave children a good time in an environment where they are not the odd one out.
Event details:

Sunday 28 June @ St Annes CC, Vernon Road, FY8 2RQ.

Stuart T20 Cup Finals Day, 3 cricket matches starting from 11am.

Semi Finals:

Wyre v Baxi - Baxi won.

Fleetwood IV v St Annes IV - rain stopped play!

Semi final replay and Final - Sunday July 26 @ Fleetwood CC.
Kids decorate a cake stall.


Wandering minstrel.

Speedball challenge - how fast can you bowl (between matches on the pitch)

Tea and cake stall - "Care for a Cuppa" Diabetes UK Campaign
A message from Christine:

Sincere thanks to all the generous cricketers and especially Les Lee for the signed shirt. Diabetes UK Fylde Coast Childrens Support Group are very grateful for the £170 raised and will decide at the next meeting what to do with the money.I will keep you posted. Many thanks to all for baking such delightful cakes,you talented lot! Was good to meet you all and although the weather was not too kind we did enjoy the day.Thanks also to Justine for stepping in and helping us out with preparations and also to all who helped on the day selling cakes , tickets etc. Thankyou James for organising the whole thing you worked so hard for the benefit of the children and we appreciate all your efforts. best wishes to all the teams and their families . From Christine and all our support group.
Stuart Finals day attempt 1 photos and report
Stuart finals day attamept 2, photos, report and videos.